Health Benefits of Organic Chicory Root: An Ingredient in Kapai Puku Stomach Health

Throughout history, chicory root has been renowned for its many health benefits. In fact, records show that the Egyptians utilized chicory to purify the liver and blood. As well, the ancient Romans used the herb to cleanse the blood. Today, chicory is typically used as a coffee substitute that is caffeine free.

Unfortunately, many specialists have forgotten the many health benefits that chicory has to offer. Some of the benefits include digestive support, protection against damaging organisms, antioxidant properties and liver support.

Digestive Support

The most common health benefit of chicory root is digestion support. For one, the herb enhances the flow of bile which in turn supports the digestive system. And because additional bile assists with the breakdown of fats, the herb may help improve blood composition. In result, the herb helps with digestion.

Chicory root is also known to help lower digestive discomfort which can be triggered by intestinal gastric troubles.

In addition, chicory root is comprised of insulin, which is a soluble fiber that nourishes digestive flora in the intestines. Although many plants contain insulin, chicory root is said to have the highest amount. And when the flora in the intestines is well nourished, good digestion is heightened.

Inulin can also lower the body’s acidity and help prevent digestive problems such as indigestion and acid reflux.

A Great Strengthening Herb

Chicory root is an amazing herb that strengthens and revitalizes both the urinary and digestive system. The herb also supports the spleen and kidneys. What is more, chicory root is said to help with weight loss, have a hypoglycemic impact plus help regulate and calm the heart rate.

Many Other Health Benefits

This woody, herbaceous plant is also said to have other health benefits such as:

• High is antioxidants
• Support kidney health
• Reduce arthritis pain
• Boost the immune system
• Greatly reduce constipation
• Lower “bad” cholesterol levels in the body
• Has anti-tumor properties and helps prevent cancer

Side Effects

Although chicory has numerous health benefits, you should not consume an excess of the herb if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. As well, it is best to avoid the herb if you have allergies to daisies, ragweed and marigolds since it is in the same species.

Your Diet

One of the best ways to add chicory root to your diet is with the Kapai Puku “Stomach Health” blend. The mixture has the same health giving ingredients and taste as the other blends. However, there is a touch of sweetness with the addition of raisins and Monk Fruit. Plus, this wonderful blend has the right amount of organic chicory root to help feed the good bacteria in your stomach. In truth, the Kapai Puku “Stomach Health blend is the ideal food for benefiting digestion.

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