The only way to ensure that your body is in top shape is to develop an effective wellness program for you to follow each day. Good health is true wealth for your life, since without it, you will not be happy no matter how much money you earn and stash away over the years. Adding nutritious foods to your diet is a major part of a wellness program. Our products offer you a variety of high fibre cereals and bars to help start your day off with a highly nutritious boost. Our products cleanse your intestinal system which enables you to absorb nutrients more effectively. In addition it acts as a natural appetite suppressant and metabolic booster.

Kapai Puku was started after our Founder had a worrying medical experience. In his search for a remedy, he discovered that people did not take enough care of their bodies and minds, even though both are essential in our lives. This is what ultimately provides our motivation to offer the highest quality seeds and grains, such as the ones our ancestors ate throughout their lives, to health-conscious consumers. Our products include Original Blend, Naked Blend, Tribal Blend, Tropical Blend and Taki Bar products.

With ingredients such as Sunflower Kernels, Buckwheat, Chia Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Raisins, Cocoa Nibs, Quinoa, dried tropical fruits and much much more, you cannot go wrong adding our products to your diet along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Our products provide your body with additional vitamins and minerals that your body requires for energy and ideal health.

Natural foods is Mother Natures best medicine and this is why Naturopaths, Chinese Doctors, Personal Trainers and other experts recommend our products to their patients or clients. Grains and seeds and an active lifestyle which are found in our products, help to ensure your health while preventing diabetes, obesity and other medical issues.

Our products are delicious as a cereal with fruit juice, yogurt or milk for a quick, cold breakfast. If you are in search of a hot breakfast, though, just add soy milk, heat and add a dash of raw honey for sweetness. Include our products in cookies, crumbles, muffins, omelettes, stir fries, rice, cous cous and other delectable dishes. In addition, you can add our products to salads or consume them alone. Remember, health is wealth and the way to enhance your wellness program is with our KAPAI PUKU products.

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