Include KAPAI PUKU® in Your Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Meals

KAPAI PUKU® products are full of natural ingredients, such as raisins, bananas, mangoes, figs, various seeds, cacao, buckwheat, ginseng, quinoa and other nutritious elements. While you can select to eat any of these products straight from their containers, you also can enhance your own meals with them. Boost the goodness of your breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks by adding KAPAI PUKU® daily.

Examples of Breakfast Meals With KAPAI PUKU®

Sprinkle Tribal Blend on top of your oatmeal or Greek yoghurt for just two examples of how to boost the vitamins and minerals of your breakfast. Allow the Tribal Blend to absorb the moisture before you consume the goodness. Add a bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of herbal tea for a delicious, healthy meal.

Add a Nutritional Kick to Lunch 

An ideal lunch includes a salad wrap with grated carrots, smoked salmon, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, diced tomatoes and your choice of KAPAI PUKU® products. You can season to taste with a touch of lemon cayenne pepper and soy mayonnaise. Wrap all this in rice paper or a whole grain bread wrap.

Unique Supper Ideas for KAPAI PUKU®

Prepare a chicken stir fry by using a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in a hot wok to lightly cook diced chicken, add MSG-free chicken stock and your choice of vegetables. We prefer a mix of julienned carrots, baby corn, snow peas, chopped cauliflower, and broccoli for our vegetables. Once the vegetables soften just a bit, but are still crunchy, we add a couple of tablespoons of organic soy sauce and a tablespoon of Manuka honey. We then set the wok on simmer and add one-fourth cup of hot water and one fourth cup of Kapai Puku Antioxidant Health, and the water will mix with the chicken stock, soy sauce and honey to provide a sauce for the entire meal.

KAPAI PUKU® Is Ideal for Snacks

The Original Blend Taki Bars make ideal snacks for a mid-morning or a mid-afternoon energy boost. Along with the buckwheat, raisins, sunflower kernels, sesame seeds, millet seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, rice bran, chia seeds and amaranth in these bars providing you with additional natural nutrients during the day, these bars also exfoliate and cleanse the digestive system.

Browse through our full product lineup to discover how KAPAI PUKU® can add a natural boost to your daily nutrition in a quality manner. In addition to ordering our products online, you also can access recipes, learn additional facts about our company and even access a 15-day starter plan to improve your nutrition.

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