Different Types of Vegetarian Diet

To improve their health, many people today adopt a vegetarian diet since it does not include red and other meats. They claim to lose weight, lower their cholesterol and receive other health benefits from making this change in their food consumption. If you are contemplating such a change in your diet, it is important to understand that there are different types of vegetarian diets. We share an explanation of the primary ones in the following details.

1. Vegan

The true vegan lives a life committed to not using animal products of any type along with avoiding meat and animal by-products in their daily food consumption. They will not eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs or foods made with animal by-products. On top of this, they will not use leather, wool, genuine fur, or silk clothing or accessories. Certain vegans also will avoid honey since bees make this sweet syrup.

2. Lacto-Vegetarian

While this classification of vegetarian avoids consuming poultry, fish, meat and eggs, they will include dairy products in some form such as cheese, milk, butter or even yogurt in their diet.

3. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian

The philosophy of the followers of this type vegetarian diet is not as strict as the vegan’s or the lacto-vegetarian are and often is the first try for most who decide to wean off meat, poultry and fish. They will avoid eating meat, poultry and fish, but still eat eggs along with dairy products of all types.

4. Semi-Vegetarians

When people fall into this category, they cut back on their meat intake without avoiding it completely each day. They fall into the following two classifications:

• Pollo-vegetarians avoid fish and red meat, but they will consume chicken.

• Pesco-pollo vegetarians eat chicken and fish, but they do not eat red meat.

5. Flexitarian

Flexitarians only eat meat, poultry and fish on an occasional basis. The rest of the time, they only consume plant-based foods. While this is not a true vegetarian diet, it can be the ideal transitional stage when you are trying to wean off a diet that consists of meat, fish and poultry on a daily basis. Once you are used to this diet, just wean off meat completely without issue.

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