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What Makes Dandelion Root a Good Liver Detoxifier?

July 26th, 2017

Dandelion root has been used throughout history as a natural cleansing agent in the body. Rich in health-promoting vitamins and minerals, this natural herb has strong detoxifying properties for keeping your liver and digestive tract in excellent condition. Known today especially for its capacities for thorough cleansing and vitalizing of liver functionality, this flowering herb is included in numerous natural products, and its leaves are often used in fresh green salads or cooked and eaten as a vegetable dish. Native Americans often used different parts of the Dandelion as regular effective treatments for ailments of the kidneys, stomach and liver due to its powerful cleansing and detoxification properties. Today, this versatile and empowering herbal plant, and especially its roots, are valued as a pure, holistic internal cleansing agent for the body, and it is most often used currently to effectively detoxify the liver.

Healthy Cleansing Activity of Dandelion Root that Detoxifies the Liver

Health-promoting and cleansing action of Dandelion root that effectively detoxifies the liver for improved activity and better health includes the following:

• Removal of Toxins and Cleansing of the Liver. – When ingested in safe amounts, Dandelion root can remove harmful toxins from the liver, thoroughly cleansing and rejuvenating this vital organ for better overall bodily purity and higher liver functionality.

• Increase of Bile Production by the Liver. – When taken regularly, Dandelion root can boost the rates of healthy bile production by the liver. Bile and bile acids are necessary for good digestion and for absorption of fats as well as vitamins that are fat-soluble in the small intestines. Bile is also essential for the body’s elimination of wastes.

• Promotion of Healthy Bacteria Production in the Digestive Tract. – Pure Dandelion root also supports good rates of production of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. This promotes ongoing good operation of the stomach and intestines as it speeds up rates of digestion and absorption of vital nutrients in the body and aids the elimination of all toxins, bacteria and waste material.

• Healing of Ailments Related to Dysfunction of the Liver. – Recommended dosages of pure Dandelion root can also heal bodily ailments related to liver dysfunction, such as many skin disorders and boils or other eruptions of the skin’s surface. These skin eruptions are caused by impurities in the body, which the detoxifying properties of this herbal root can get rid of.

• Removal of Artificial Residue Deposited in the Liver by Prescription Drugs. – Some prescription drugs leave residue deposits in the liver long after the remainder of the drug was absorbed and used by the body. Dandelion root can aid in removal of this residue from the system, eliminating it as waste material through the digestive tract.

Kapai Puku® enthusiasts take Dandelion root on a regular schedule for the benefits offered by its bodily cleansing and detoxifying properties. As an outstanding and highly effective blend of high-grade fibre, whole grains and other raw ingredients such as Chia Seeds, Linseeds and Sesame Seeds, Kapai Puku is also an excellent natural cleansing agent in the body.

When supplemented by healthy doses of Dandelion root, good liver detoxifying action is also enhanced, which is an excellent aid to improving total healthy functionality of your body’s internal organs for significantly better health and a more youthful appearance and lifestyle. For more information concerning healthy use of Dandelion root and its properties for liver detoxification, contact the natural health experts at Kapai Puku headquarters in Newport, Victoria today.

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