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What is a FODMAP Diet?

June 16th, 2017

FODMAPs is an abbreviation for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols, a group of molecules found in certain foods that are often not well digested or absorbed by your body. They are actually simple and complex sugars that are commonly found in some vegetables, fruits and in wheat and milk products. Popular food items that are classified as high FODMAP foods include onions, garlic, asparagus, sweet corn, apples, mango, watermelon, nectarines and peaches as well as whole milk and wheat-based snacks. A low FODMAP diet is not free of gluten, however. Many people who have recurring digestive slowdowns or other related problems find it very helpful to eliminate FODMAPs from their daily diets.

Commonly Consumed FODMAPs in Food Items Today

FODMAPs that most people consume on a regular basis are the following food substances:

• Fructose. – A naturally occurring sugar found most often in fruits and vegetables.

• Lactose. – A natural sugar that commonly occurs in milk and other dairy foods.

• Fructans. – A substance very much like fructose that is found in numerous grains and vegetables.

• Galactans. – Substances commonly occurring in legumes.

Why FODMAPs Interfere with Digestion of Other Foods

By creating digestive problems when you consume them, FODMAPs prevent other foods from being digested well also. Points to remember when attempting to rid your daily diet of these trouble-making substances include the following:

• Determine Which FODMAPS Affect you the Most. – By isolating suspect food items in your diet to make sure which ones may have an adverse effect on your digestive system, you can determine your most adversarial FODMAP. Often the chief offender food is not the one you had previously identified, but, rather, it is another food that you often eat along with the most suspect FODMAP that truly gives you the most trouble.

• Eliminate FODMAPs With the Least Amount of Nutritional Value. – When you eliminate FODMAPs with the smallest amount of nutritional input from your diet, you can then concentrate on the effects of others that have higher counts of nutritional value.

• Stop Eating FODMAPs With High Fat and Caloric Content. – Especially if you are on a low-fat and low-calorie diet, or considering starting one, it should be fairly easy to stop dating FODMAPs that are high fat and high calorie foods. Since they are in direct conflict with your dietary needs and your desire to drop extra pounds, you have a strong incentive to eliminate such items from your daily diet altogether.

From Kapai Puku®, “the seed of life,” you will receive excellent information and detailed advice about FODMAPs and how to eliminate them from your regular diet. These nutritional experts can tell you how to drop these food items from your daily menus without hesitation or the desire to reinstate them, ever. Whenever you are making a major change in your dietary habits and intake, professional help from expert nutritionists is essential, and by contacting this top quality natural foods company team today, you will be on your way to a healthy, empowering diet minus those trouble-maker FODMAPs.

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