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What Happens To Your Body When You Are Constipated? How KAPAI PUKU® Can Help You

September 27th, 2017

Constipation is when bowel movements contain stools that are difficult to pass or are infrequent. Children and adults can suffer from this problem. While causes for this condition can differ between individuals, a change in diet often solves the issue. This is where KAPAI PUKU® is beneficial to help provide helpful, healthy foods that support proper bowel activity to reduce the risk of constipation.

Symptoms of Constipation

People have a range of symptoms with constipation, including:

• Fewer than three bowel movements a week signifies constipation, regardless of the other symptoms.

• Stools are painful or difficult to pass since they are hard and dry.

• Abdominal pain, bloating or both also can occur. You can feel quite miserable with these symptoms.

• With severe constipation, you may also suffer fecal impaction, anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

Causes for Constipation

• Improper diet is probably the top reason for constipation. When you do not consume sufficient dietary fibre and water each day, your bowel movements will be less frequent and you will begin to experience all of the symptoms that we listed above until you change your diet.

• Certain medications can slow down the digestive system along with the intestinal tract and this increases the risk of constipation.

• Health conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to celiac disease also can have a negative effect on the intestinal tract that results in constipation.

Treatments for Constipation

While you may need to treat the underlying cause for constipation if you have a health condition or take medications, you also will need to alter your diet to ensure that you are eating the right foods and amount of dietary fibre to support your intestinal tract. In addition, you must drink adequate amounts of water daily.

Why KAPAI PUKU® Products Can Help Relieve Constipation

One way to improve your dietary fibre and overall nutrition to help alleviate your constipation is by adding KAPAI PUKU® products to your diet. While any of them will help you in this endeavour, our Stomach Health will provide you with No. 1 Gut Health as its label states. It does this in part with the organic chicory root, a prebiotic, it contains that cleanses and exfoliates the digestive tract. Other beneficial ingredients in this product are sunflower seeds, buckwheat, linseed, raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, millet seeds, Chia seeds, monk fruit powder, zinc and chelated magnesium.

You can consume our products right from the package, sprinkled on your favourite dishes, in place of cereal and even in smoothies. Consult with us to learn additional facts about how KAPAI PUKU® products can help alleviate your constipation.

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