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What are Wattle Seeds and Its Health Benefits?

March 29th, 2018

Throughout the ages, wattle seeds have consistently been a dietary item of nutritional value, deemed to be important to maintaining good overall health by sages, natural healers and herbalists. These nutrient-enriched seeds have served as a prevailing mainstay in the daily diets of Indigenous people throughout Australia for greater than 40,000 years. Ground to make flour, wattle seeds can withstand harsh, stormy or cold weather to provide a healthy source of both carbohydrates and proteins in the diet. Formed in sturdy pods, these seeds can last through seasonal droughts. The Aboriginal females gathered these pods to dry the seeds over fire. Afterward, they ground them into smooth flour for making nutritional cakes, which they baked amidst the coals of their fires.

The Major Health Benefits Offered by Wattle Seeds in Your Daily Diet

By including wattle seeds in their everyday diets, many Australians have gained valuable health benefits since the days of ancient civilization. Indigenous people were the first to discover the powerful health-enhancing properties and advantages provided to people who ingested them on a daily basis. Some primary benefits of including wattle seeds in their regular diets proved to be the following, which are still valid today:

• Wattle seeds are an extremely nutritional source of pure, healthy protein.

• Wattle seeds need very little water when growing and have been known to thrive even in parts of Africa known for very dry terrain and droughts.

• These versatile seeds release sugar quite slowly and have been used by individuals suffering from diabetes symptoms to aid in balancing blood sugar counts.

• These highly nutritious seeds have high levels of calcium, iron, zinc and potassium.

• Because these unusual seeds have an aroma like a mixture of nuts and roasted coffee and taste somewhat sweet and spicy, they are ideal for adding both nutrition and flavour to baked, roasted and simmered foods.

The Kapai Puku (“Seed of Life”) alternate meal dietary products and recipes make use of wattle seeds for their purity and highly nutritional contents. These flavourful seeds also add healthy proteins and carbohydrates to foods and snacks. They can be easily mixed with many other foods with highly pleasing results. Used centuries ago mainly to grind as a flour mixture for baking rough cakes in a communal fire, they are now used in exotic fruit, nut and seed mixtures as an energizing snack or to complement other foods. These versatile seeds are also tasty when eaten by themselves as a light, yet vitalizing treat. Children often respond well to these unusual seeds when they are mixed in hot soups, cereals and baked cookies or breads. Easy to carry in your pocket or carryall bag, these nutrient-rich natural seeds are a great rejuvenating snack food at any time or place, day or night.

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