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What are Plant Stanols and Sterols and Their Benefits?

January 30th, 2018

Plant sterols and stanols are small but necessary elements of some plant membranes called phytoesterols. They occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and in vegetable oils. Modern food manufacturers have extracted these healthy natural substances from their original sources and concentrated them before adding them to the ingredients of popular foods on today’s consumer market. Now many cereals, natural snacks, juices and yogurt products contain these phytoesterols. Many people who now wish to consume these health-promoting plant extracts can do so even by eating foods that do not normally contain sterols or stanols. This results in foods that are not usually bought for any health-enhancing benefits being purchased at higher rates specifically due to their healthy properties supplied by these added plant sterols and stanols.

Health Benefits That Are Provided by Plant Stanols and Sterols

Health benefits such as the following can be enjoyed by individuals who consume foods that contain pure plant sterols and stanols:

• Prevent Bodily Absorption of Unhealthy Cholesterol. – Plant sterols and stanols have a similar chemical composition to the chemical structure of cholesterol contained in dietary animal products like dairy items, eggs and meats. This unhealthy cholesterol is absorbed by your digestive tract and channeled into your bloodstream, where it can show up during your medical exams, giving you high levels of LDL (known as bad cholesterol). However, when plant stanols and sterols are present in your intestinal tract, they interfere with its entrance into your bloodstream.

• Eliminate Cholesterol from Your Body as Waste. – The unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) that is not absorbed by your body and directed into your bloodstream is eliminated through your intestinal tract as waste. This helps to keep your good cholesterol count (HDL) high enough for good overall health while lowering your LDL to acceptable levels. With the aid of active sterols and stanols in your system, your body can benefit from the attributes of foods that can lead to high LDL counts when consumed, but which also contain health-enhancing components.

• Reduce Your Blood Cholesterol Counts.
– When you eat foods that are high in pure plant phytoesterols, your blood counts of bad (LDL) cholesterol will be significantly reduced. This will improve your overall health and make it possible for you to consume many foods that may be somewhat high in LDL counts without worrying about raising your bad cholesterol levels.

When you contact the Kapai Puku (“Seed of Life”) dietary experts, they will explain to you the many vital benefits of eating a balanced diet of pure, organic grains, seeds, nuts and other foods that will help prevent you from developing high levels of LDL in your bloodstream. With their assistance, you will understand the true and lasting value of consuming healthy, invigorating and health-promoting food combinations high in natural sterols and stanols for better good health and long-lasting vitality throughout your life.

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