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Variety of Ways to Include Kapai Puku in Your Healthy Breakfast Diet

May 20th, 2016

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. That is why it is so crucial to eat a healthy breakfast. In fact, breakfast gives you the opportunity to start every day with a nutritious and healthy meal. What is more, committing to a healthy breakfast diet will increase your overall nutritious status, assist with weight loss and improve your awareness, ability to concentrate and expand your creativity.

Always in a Hurry

With today’s hustle and bustle of daily living it is more important start the day right with good nutrition. However, our busy lives rarely warrant the time to make a healthy breakfast. Some don’t even have the time to try the quick-fix breakfast recipes that has been hanging on the fridge for months. Instead, many grab a quick snack with their coffee and out the door they go.

However, there is a simple answer to the perpetual on-the-go meals. In fact, there is a way to fulfill your daily nutritional needs even when rushed to get out the door in the morning. Kapai Puku is the ideal solution. Offering a variety of wholesome foods, the tasty powerhouse foods can be eaten in a diversity of scrumptious ways.

Packed with nutrition that will keep you sustained throughout the day, Kapai Puku is rich in fibre, natural proteins, antioxidants and superfoods such as chia seeds, Tiger nuts and coconut. And together with fruits or vegetables, you have a balanced diet that supports sustained energy levels and vitality.

Breakfast Ideas

There are numerous way that you can enjoy Kapai Puku as a nutritional breakfast. Even better, it takes little time to prepare a delicious morning meal for you and your family. In fact, the highly nutritious products are GM free, plus wheat and gluten free. As well, all the product lines are suitable for vegans. Here are a few ideas for serving:

Baked – Add any of the blends to hot cereal, muffins or pancakes.
Cooked – Enhance any cooked breakfast recipe such as crepes or omelets.
Cereal – Merely add milk, a milk substitute like coconut or almond milk, fruit juice or yogurt.
Porridge – Use any mixture like oats. Heat and serve with your favorite topping such as maple syrup or honey and milk.

Start Your Day Right

The next time you are tempted to skip breakfast, remember that it can set you up to overeat in the afternoon. As well, skipping breakfast can affect you blood sugar levels and leave you feeling exhausted. Unfortunately, all too often one is tempted to grab a quick energy fix like coffee or high-sugar energy bar. Instead, eat a healthy breakfast diet and grab a wholesome Taki Bar when you need an energy boost.

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