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The Versatility of Kapai Puku Products for Appetizers, Main Course Meals, and Desserts

February 14th, 2018

Kapai Puku®, “The Seed of Life,”® products consist of outstanding blends of natural fibre, wholegrains and other raw components like linseeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds that cleanse and exfoliate your entire digestive tract while raising the rates of your metabolism and lessening your appetite. This alternate food contains 100 percent natural ingredients without any dairy products, salt, nuts or preservatives. This vegan food is also completely free of gluten and wheat. All foods included in products of this brand are unprocessed.

Kapai Puku products can be eaten as a cereal or porridge by adding soy milk, yogurt or fruit juices and honey or sprinkled on top of salads or rice dishes. If you like, you can bake these pure products, adding them to the ingredients of natural cookies, muffins or other desserts. Kapai Puku products can also be added to omelettes, stir fried vegetables and numerous other simple meals. Every product of this health-promoting, pure brand offers completely balanced nutritional eating. In Mother Nature’s original simple style.

Kapai Puku Products Offer Innovative Versatility for Delicious Appetizers, Main Course Meals and Desserts

All the unique blends and products of this enlightening brand offer fresh innovation and delightful versatility as appealing and delicious appetizers, main course meals and desserts, such as the following:

Appetizers. – Flavorful Simple Kapai Puku Chickpea Dip is an ideal appetizer to use with natural sesame sticks or stone ground wheat chips. Other ingredients combined with chickpeas to create this pure, nutrient-rich dip include Greek yogurt, olive oil and fresh rosemary, oregano and garlic. These ingredients are mixed with Kapi Puku – No 1. Stomach or Liver Health product to create this tasty, healthful snack food.

Main Course Meals.
– A popular main course is Kapai Puku Quiche, made with spelt flour, grapeseed oil, Parmesan cheese and Himalayan salt, eggs, fresh pumpkin, zucchini, spinach, pine nuts, garlic, oregano, basil, honey and the Kapai Puku – No 1. Liver Health product. This unique, nutrient-rich quiche is delicious as a main course for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. You will find it unusually flavorful and filling, without feeling that you are overeating.

– An intriguing and enriching dessert item is a serving of Kapai Puku No. 1 Heart Health Coconut Balls. This sweet delight is made of desiccated cononut, pea protein, cacao powder, fresh dates, agave syrup and the Kapai Puku No. 1 Heart Health product. This amazing dessert is one you will most likely put on your “must have” list whenever you serve sweet foods.

By visiting the Kapai Puku website often to stay updated on the recipe variety and excellent nutrition offered by this brand, you will be sure to discover any and all new and versatile products offered by this all-natural, completely health-enhancing brand of alternative dietary delights for every time of the day and occasion. You will also learn more about this intriguing brand’s founder, Graeme Johnstone, and the many virtues and benefits of making this alternative natural meal replacement as your own daily dietary choice.

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