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The Amazing Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

January 18th, 2018

Sunflower seeds have many important health benefits for anyone who includes these nutrient-rich seeds in his or her daily diet. Offering support to your cardiovascular system, seeds of the sunflower enable you to exercise more intensively and for longer periods of time. These empowering seeds contain phytosterols, which help keep your cholesterol counts at good levels. As a good source of magnesium and copper, these seeds aid in maintaining strong, resilient bones. Another ingredient of these versatile seeds, selenium, supports good functionality of your thyroid gland.

Additional Amazing Health-Promoting Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Rich in many vitamins, minerals and other highly nutritional natural substances, sunflower seeds have additional outstanding nutritional components offering benefits for strengthening and improving your health, such as the following:

• Antioxidants.
– High in antioxidant content, sunflower seeds help prevent damage to your entire system from free radicals, helping to maintain and boost your overall levels of good bodily health and functionality. Your muscles and joints will stay strong and flexible, and you will enjoy faster nerve impulse responses from brain activity, enabling you to excel at fast-paced sports. In addition, your endurance levels will be significantly higher, helping you to engage in longer and more strenuous physical exercise and gym workouts for a stronger, healthier body with a strong capacity for enjoying better mental focus and emotional well-being.

• Minerals.
– The valuable mineral content of sunflower seeds helps alleviate muscle cramps during and after ultra-strenuous workouts and competitive sports events or busy activities of a hectic yet productive lifestyle. With high counts of health-enhancing magnesium, copper and other minerals, these nutrient-packed seeds help all your muscles relax more easily, especially during rugged athletic action or when you sit or stand for long periods of time. These active minerals soothe strained or overtired muscles and joints during recovery periods following challenging sports action or other demanding daily activities.

• Combined Contents.
– The combined natural, health-promoting contents of sunflower seeds help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, enabling you to engage actively in sports and physical fitness programs. When your blood sugar counts remain stable and within healthy boundaries, you will be able to withstand hectic, non-stop days of busy activity much more easily than ever before without suffering fatigue or nutritional depletion.

When you discover the many benefits of eating KAPAI PUKU®, “The Seed of Life®”, containing simple, unprocessed natural and organic foods, including blended fibre, whole grains, Chia Seeds, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds and other gluten-free and wheat-free pure food combinations, you will understand the healthy, energizing capacities of raw sunflower seeds and other all-natural raw foods. Graeme Johnstone, the founder and chief promoter of KAPAI PUKU® and his many loyal followers continue to create new variations of this pure, cleansing and energizing dietary plan for enjoying a healthier lifestyle fueled by pure, empowering foods straight from Mother Nature.

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