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Spirulina Benefits for Liver Health

December 4th, 2017

As a modern-day super-food, spirulina offers numerous health-promoting properties, some of which are now considered helpful in alleviating or preventing the onset of liver disease. Toxins and other impurities in the environment as well as in our daily diets can cause further damage to a weakened liver and, in some cases, may speed up the onset or progression of chronic liver disease.

Although most livers with good functionality can replace weak or injured cells, a liver that is already damaged by disease cannot always generate new cell tissue. Once weakened, a liver cannot protect its cells from further damage or loss of normal functions. However, as a blue-green algae that is enriched with high contents of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants, spirulina has gained the reputation of a healing and protective super-food that can aid in repairing and boosting the functionality of a damaged liver.

Primary Benefits of Spirulina for Good Liver Health and Functionality

Important benefits of spirulina for sustaining good liver health and functionality include the following:

Protects Liver Cells from Injury. – Due to its high content of the B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene, Vitamin E and such minerals as iron, zinc and manganese, spirulina has the capacity to give a strong boost to your immune system and its protective work throughout the body. This important food substance can also improve probiotic health in the intestinal tract while safeguarding your liver against damage from harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Supports Liver Health with Rich Nutritional Content. – Along with its empowering levels of healthy vitamins and minerals, this healthful blue-green algae contains high counts of amino acids, which supply the body with nitric oxide. This NO2 content enhances the flow of pure oxygen throughout your body through the process of vasodilation, or the expansion of the inner walls of your arteries and blood vessels. This increased oxygen flow in your bloodstream fuels and strengthens the functions of all your muscles and vital organs, including your liver, sustaining good liver activity for boosted energy and overall good health.

Sustains and Boosts Health of Patients with Liver Disease. – Scientific and practical studies have shown that spirulina’s antioxidant properties protect even damaged livers from further injury and weakening. By guarding against free radical damage, this versatile algae can slow and even stop the progression of some types of liver deterioration caused by liver disease. In some patients, regular ingestion of spirulina has helped to chelate damaging metals in the body. It has also prevented further damage from liver toxins like carbon tetrachloride once they were identified in the bodies of liver disease patients.

By consulting the natural and organic nutritional dietary experts of Kapai Puku®, “The Seed of Life,” you can obtain valuable and comprehensive information concerning all the health benefits of spirulina and how it can protect, nurture and even help heal the liver when damaged by poor diet, lifestyle habits or disease. With the excellent knowledge and guidance of this experienced natural nutrition team, you can improve and sustain the health and functionality of your liver, which will boost the overall good health of your entire system.

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