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Signs of Cancer Men Are Likely to Ignore

July 23rd, 2018

Men who consume Kapai Puku® natural foods products in conjunction with a healthy, well-balanced diet may succeed in reducing their likelihood of developing cancer. We do not want to give the impression that Kapai Puku is the Magic Pill and cure-all for cancer. We are very aware of the fact that people who suffer from cancer are especially sensitive to companies offering false advertising claims that their products are cancer cures.

We know very well that this is a controversial subject, and we do not desire any backlash regarding this serious matter. However, we do feel that our all-natural, energizing and highly nutritional blends of whole grains from pure seeds, raw foods, roots and other natural ingredients will strengthen and fortify your body, which can be of great help in staying healthy.

These products can also help energize and sustain your system to a significant degree if you should become ill with cancer or other serious illnesses. Just by ingesting nutrient-rich combinations of pure foods on an ongoing, daily schedule, you can help build new cellular tissues in your body. Although eating our nutritionally balanced and empowering blends and recipes may not repair certain damage caused to the cells of your body by serious and life-threatening disease, Kapai Puku dietary formulas can enable your body to continue producing new cellular growth to some degree.

Because our health-enhancing products like the Kapai Puku “No. 1 LIVER HEALTH” and “No. 1 GUT HEALTH” products are designed to strengthen specific areas of your system, they can provide you with increased energy and stamina, even if you develop a long-term illness such as cancer.

Signs of Cancer that Men Often Ignore

Various indications of the presence of cancer in their bodies are often disregarded by many men as minor symptoms of temporary ailments. Especially since these serious symptoms can appear to be signs of other, much less serious health conditions, it is easy to ignore them. Also, a large majority of male patients habitually delay making medical appointments, even when they develop new and unusual, unexplained pains, fatigue or other symptoms.

There are certain signs and symptoms of cancer that many men are most likely to ignore or refrain from having examined by a physician or qualified natural health practitioner, including the following:

Difficulty Urinating

Men who experience chronic difficulty urinating or have blood in their urine or semen should see their personal physicians immediately. If they develop erectile dysfunction that is unrelated to any other of their known health conditions, this problem should receive medical attention right away. These developments may be signs of the onset of prostate cancer.

Especially since there are no early symptoms of prostate cancer, these occurrences may be signs of the aggressive stages of the disease, according to Moshe Shike, MD, a gastroenterologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center located in New York City. Dr. Shike reports that he often sees patients who have ignored such symptoms for as long as six months before having them evaluated by a medical doctor. Any such symptoms should prompt male patients to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Obvious Skin Changes

According to Rich Wender, MD, chief cancer control officer of the American Cancer Society, it is quite easy to miss or disregard early skin cancer warning signs. Many people pay no attention to new or changing moles, freckles or dark age spots. If you see a mole or freckle growing darker or showing two different shades of colour in a single spot, have it checked by your physician right away.

Dr. Wender also warns that, although the occurrence of melanoma is considerably less common than the appearances of other types of skin cancer, melanoma has a higher likelihood of being fatal. However, the good news is that many melanomas have a lengthy time period during which they are not invasive. During this time frame, they can be easily cured if they are diagnosed during their early stages.

Mouth Sores or Pains

If you develop mouth sores that do not heal or lasting pain in your mouth that is not a toothache, you should consult a physician for a cancer screening. If you see red or white patches on your gums or tongue or experience swelling or numbness in your jaw area, you should also be checked for mouth cancers.

You should pay close attention to these symptoms if you smoke or chew tobacco since these habits will give you a higher risk of developing some type of mouth cancer, according to Dr. Maurie Markman, an oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He explains that because higher numbers of men smoke than women, more men are likely to develop symptoms that may indicate mouth cancer.

Chronic Coughing

If you develop a lingering cough that persists for three or more weeks minus additional ailments like allergies or a cold, this cough may be an early indication of lung cancer. Development of leukemia can also manifest in symptoms similar to bronchitis. Dr. Markman cautions that if you have a cough that seems unusual and lasts, or if you begin to cough up small amounts of blood, you should see a physician immediately. Any occurrences of chest pain that spreads into either shoulder or into your arm should be examined to rule out lung cancer.

Blood in Stools

If you have blood in your stools, you should see your medical doctor to be checked for the onset of colon cancer. Although it is most likely that this blood indicates the presence of hemorrhoids, constipation or a benign growth that has become irritated, it is essential to make sure you do not have cancer. Regular screening for colon cancer normally starts at the age of 50 for most people.

However, since occurrences of colon cancer are becoming more prevalent in younger adults, it is very important that you consult a physician for the purpose of ruling out a cancer diagnosis. Particularly among younger people, if this condition recurs, but only periodically, it is easy to dismiss this sign as a minor issue that will subside. However, having blood in your stools is not normal, and this condition should always be checked by a doctor.

Sudden or Unexplained Weight Loss

Most Americans consider weight loss to be a good occurrence, especially since so many people are on diets for losing pounds. However, if you suddenly drop weight or experience unexplained loss of weight, seek the advice of a doctor. Dr. Markman reports that unexplained weight loss can be a sign of various cancers like esophageal, liver, pancreatic and colon cancer. It is also a very common symptom of leukemia or lymphoma, according to Dr. Wender.

Stomach Pains and/or Nausea

Although commonly occurring digestive discomfort is rarely a sign of cancer, you should visit your physician if you experience lasting or repeating stomach cramps or nausea. Although you may have an ulcer, this distress of the digestive tract may be an early sign of leukemia or of esophageal, colorectal, liver or pancreatic cancer.

Chronic Headaches

If migraines are not common occurrences for you and you rarely suffer from less serious headaches, but you suddenly start needing pain medication for recurring headaches, this could be a symptom of a brain tumour. Brain tumours create painful headaches when they press against sensitive nerves in your head.

Frequent Bouts of Fever or Infection

If you are in good health, but experience fevers and infections often, this could indicate the onset of leukemia. This form of blood cancer prompts the body to create abnormal white blood cells, reducing your body’s abilities to fight against infections. If you experience symptoms like flu that are persistent, be sure to consult your doctor.

Difficulty Swallowing

Although it is most often a sign of a minor malady, if you have a sore throat that lingers for several weeks, getting worse, along with difficulty swallowing, you should see your medical doctor. This may be a sign of the development of throat or stomach cancer or an early symptom of lung cancer.

Testicular Changes

Just as women should examine their breasts regularly to detect any lumps or changes in shape, men should check their testicles for any detectable changes. If testicles change in size or if they appear swollen or feel heavy or lumpy, these may be signs of testicular cancer, as Dr. Maurie Markman, an oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, warns. Testicular cancer most often occurs in young to middle-aged males.

Excessive Bruising

If you start to bruise more easily and frequently than usual, especially in unusual areas like your hands, fingers or feet, this could be signaling a serious health problem. This type of increase in bruising can be a symptom of the onset of leukemia, according to experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Leukemia slowly, but steadily impedes the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen and to clot, which can cause excessive bruising.

Chronic Fatigue

Everyone experiences some low-energy days in life. If, however, you feel extremely tired or exhausted each day for over a month, or if you start to experience shortness of breath, you should see a medical doctor right away, according to Dr. Wender. Persistent fatigue symptoms are often a sign of the development of leukemia or lymphoma. Although there is a good chance that cancer will be ruled out, these symptoms may be signaling the presence of another medical condition that should be treated.

Although our pure, vitalizing and health-enhancing Kapai Puku food products are not cures for cancer, you can build up your body and fortify your immune system by eating our empowering natural blends on a daily schedule. The unique combination of natural whole grains, raw fruits, roots and other pure ingredients will strengthen your system with their highly nutritional components.

This will help keep you in good health, and it will help sustain your body’s energy and stamina if you should develop a serious illness like one of the different forms of cancer. While building up your system by eating our nutrient-rich blends, be sure to heed any signs and symptoms in your body that may indicate the development of cancer. Be sure to seek medical attention right away to protect and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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