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Red Recycling Program and Kapai Puku Products

June 28th, 2018

Kapai Puku Supports Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

At Kapai Puku®, we are very concerned about promoting and using environmentally protective products and procedures. Especially since our pure, all-natural dietary products are known as “The Seed of Life®,” we have great interest in offering highly nutritional formulas and recipes that are packaged in environmentally safe materials. Many regular Kapai Puku customers who buy and use our products on an ongoing schedule ask why Kapai Puku is not currently using biodegradable plastic bags for packaging our products.

As an environmentally conscious company, we have invested a large amount of time performing vital research to determine eco-friendly solutions for our food products packaging. We regret that at the present time, biodegradable plastic bags do not have a long enough lifespan to last for the duration of Kapai Puku product shelf life. Our products’ “Best Before” shelf life extends up to 20 months. However, the currently available biodegradable plastic used to produce bags and packaging material begins to disintegrate after approximately 6 months, so it is not acceptable for packaging Kapai Puku dietary products.

Although this problem prevents us from using biodegradable plastic for packaging, we will continue our research and involvement in the support of eco-friendly materials for packing our healthy, pure foods. As you may know, cardboard boxes are not acceptable as healthy food containers since they can be chewed and penetrated by insects that then infest food products. Although brown paper bags appear to be green, they are often lined with foil or plastic which is not recyclable.

In addition, we do not favor use of the “serve yourself” counters and bins of pure, healthful seed mixtures because some types of seeds will begin to deteriorate in food value if exposed to light. Also, some customers may contaminate open seed displays by scooping out seeds with their hands, which are not clean and may spread harmful bacteria and germs. Until there are further advancements in biodegradable food packaging options, our current solution to this issue is the use of dark plastic bags that keep our seed formulas clean and safe from exposure to light. These bags are also suitable for the REDcycle Program.

RED Recycling Program and Kapai Puku Products

REDcycle is an innovative green initiative of RED Group, a recycling and consulting organisation with headquarters in Melbourne. The REDcycle Program is a recovery effort that involves the collecting and recycling of post-consumer soft plastic. By partnering with such major brands and corporations as Coles, Woolworths, Kimberly-Clark, 7 Eleven and Nestle, the RED Group has enhanced your opportunity to help banish the accumulation of soft plastic waste from landfill locations.

RED Group’s Soft Plastics Program is a Vital Eco-Protective Initiative

The REDcycle Program is of major importance to environmentally protective efforts in the Melbourne area and across Australia today. For the benefit of the Australian environmental preservation initiative today, there are Recycled Street Bins placed throughout cities and smaller communities as an integral part of the countrywide council rates funded program.

Under this program, items such as glass jars, milk bottles and other types of bottles along with newspapers can be collected for recycling. However, the large majority of these community councils are not equipped to accept soft plastics for recycling in their local collection bins since soft plastic will clog and jam the automated sorting mechanisms at their Materials Recovery Facilities.

A large sector of the population of Melbourne and surrounding regions and across Australia may not yet know about the vital soft plastics recycling program provided by REDcycle today. However, through the partnerships and promotional efforts of RED Group, this extensive environmental protective recycling program is constantly growing in terms of interest and numbers of participants.

As an active and enthusiastic member of this essential eco-friendly initiative, Kapai Puku is glad to spread awareness of this very beneficial recycling program. At the same time, Kapai Puku is displaying its own strong commitment to improving and sustaining the local and global natural environment. This unique team of formulators and marketers of advanced, contemporary natural seed-based dietary recipes is hopeful of soon to be revealed new improvements in biodegradable plastics lifespans so that the Kapai Puku food products can be packaged in this new, longer-lasting green plastic.

How You as a Consumer Can Aid the REDcycle Effort

As a concerned consumer, you can be inspired by such environmentally conscious companies as Kapai Puku and join the REDcycle Program. By following these simple steps, you can become an active and valued participant in this essential soft plastics recycling effort:

• Locate Your Nearest REDcycle Collection Bin. – Many supermarkets throughout Melbourne and all of Australia now take part in the REDcycle Program. If you do not already know the location of the closest REDcycle drop-off site for depositing your used soft plastics, you can visit the program website today to find the nearest bin at: RedCycle.net.au.

• Become Familiar with REDcycle Bins and Their Placement. – In most supermarkets and other commercial locations, these recycling bins are placed near the checkout points for customer convenience. The bins may have different designs and markings in various stores, so become familiar with the location and look of REDcycle bins in your nearby drop-off points. If you encounter any difficulty in finding these bins, just inquire about them at the customer service desk.

After you do your part in depositing your recyclable soft plastic items at your local REDcycle drop-off point, the RED Group will take over managing the recycling process. Once the collected plastic is delivered to RED Group processing facilities, it is taken to the Victorian manufacturer, Replas, for use in production of recycled plastics merchandise. These newly produced products can include such diverse items as bollards, signage, outdoor furniture and many other products.

If you cannot locate a REDcycle drop-off point in your vicinity, be assured that the RED Group is working continuously to expand the program throughout Australia and New Zealand today. Although the Group receives many new requests for the establishment of additional drop-off locations, RED Group leaders must pace the expansion of this program to ensure its survival and continued success for the recycling of soft plastics. By being patient while maintaining your own keen interest and concern in this active, eco-friendly endeavor, you will also be aiding the countrywide and global efforts toward preservation and improvement of the environment.

Soft Plastic Items Suitable for the REDcycle Program

Items composed of soft plastic that are suitable for use in the REDcycle Program include the following:

• Bread bags (minus the tie);
• Bubble wrap (in A3 size pieces);
• Cat and dog food pouches (clean);
• Cellophane wrappers (cut in A3 size pieces);
• Frozen food bags;
• Green bags (Polypropylene);
• Plastic Australia Post satchels;
• Rice bags;
• Snap and zip lock bags; and
• Wine bladders (clear plastic).

Why Kapai Puku Has a Strong Interest in Environmentally Safe Food Packaging

At Kapai Puku.com, we have a keen interest in the ongoing development and use of food packaging materials that are safe for both the environment and for our customers’ health. Especially since our dietary products are based on unique, health-enhancing formulas and recipes involving nutrient-rich natural seeds, we feel very strongly that pure food products should be packaged in safe, non-hazardous materials. At the same time, we want to do our part to protect the natural environment from accumulations of unhealthy debris that is not biodegradable, but may be recycled for use in manufacturing new products.

We, along with other concerned companies, strive to prevent local refuse dumps and landfill from becoming cluttered and polluted with materials that contain toxins and contaminants that are harmful to the soil, water and air around them. The entire staff of our company understands very well that it is not enough to produce and promote the use of healthy dietary products that will strengthen and fortify our bones, muscles, internal systems and empower our physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

In addition, it is essential that we strive to improve and sustain our natural surroundings so that we may live in a purer, healthier environment while we work at ridding our bodies of toxins, unhealthy bacteria or contaminants. By promoting and realizing a cleaner, more healthful worldwide environment and more natural, nutritional diet, we will help enable global populations to enjoy the benefits of a better lifestyle and longer lifespan.

Kapai Puku, “The Seed of Life,” Promotes Eco-Friendly Products, Packaging and Lifestyles 

All the major dietary products of Kapai Puku—”No. 1 Hair Health,” “No. 1 Skin Health,” “No. 1 Gut Health” and “No. 1 Liver Health” are formulated to include highly nutritional, all-natural seeds and other pure ingredients. These formula components are included in exacting percentages for best possible health enhancement of the particular part of the body they heal, strengthen and empower.

Such pure and health-promoting products deserve to be packaged in only the purest of materials, and you can be sure that the dedicated staff members at this unique natural dietary products production company agree wholeheartedly. Kapai Puku, “The Seed of Life” stands out vividly as a strong supporter of and participant in the global efforts toward improving and protecting the earth’s precious natural resources and environment.

For further information about this subject, visit the REDcycle website.


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