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“I first was introduced to Kapai Puku Original brand several years ago at a little shop in Elwood whilst visiting family in Melbourne.

Graeme was actually there promoting Kapai Puku and I was encouraged by him to try it.  Well the rest is history!  Always a fussy eater as a child I liked dry Weetbix with vegemite spread on top or toast with vegemite and an egg on top!  No porridge or slushy breakfast cereals  for me.  I instantly knew that the crunchiness of Kapai Puku with its seeds was the right cereal for me.

Although recently Kapai Puku have introduced new varieties, Kapai Puku kindly sent some samples over to me to try and I decided on the Liver Cleansing variety that I now add raisins to.  Delicious with fruit and yoghurt and enjoyed every day by me!

Heather Glenelg SA




I have known for a long time how amazing your product is.
I think I’ve been eating your seeds for about 4 years!!
I was telling the girls at work about how awesome the product was, and with
my last order I had to order 3 more bags for them!!
One of the girls had problems with going to the toilet (would be lucky to go
once a week!) Since getting her onto the seed she has been going once a
day!! (This makes me happy because I suggested she try’s the seed but never
thought it would work so well) Thanks for making such amazing products I
will be eating them for a long time and I’m pretty sure the 3 girls I
ordered for will be ordering again!

Thanks again 🙂
Jodie xo



At 46 I had endured two previous years of health problems. From kidney stones to an aunty that was diagnosed with bowel cancer and a long list of cancer from that side of the family, I needed to help my body. I was drinking two cans of coke a day and for the first time in my life hit 100kgs. However, I was a healthy eater. Rarely drink, don’t smoke, eat what I thought was healthy foods but felt horrible. I had tried lots of things in the past to help my stomach feel better until by chance I found Kapai Puku. My family and I now use it in our morning smoothies and as a topping for yoghurt snacks and we feel fantastic internally. Gone is the sore, bloated stomachs that I’ve carried for the last 3-4 years. Thank you Kapai Puku.

Kind Regards,

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