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Make Your Smoothies Healthy and Tasty With KAPAI PUKU®

August 31st, 2017

KAPAI PUKU® products are full of healthy seeds, fruits and other ingredients and can be eaten straight from the bag. You also can use the products in various recipes to bolster their nutritional value, including smoothies. While you may feel that smoothies are full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients, you are mistaken since there are many recipes for them that are sugar-free and full of vital nutrients. Your imagination is your only limit on the types of smoothies you can create with vegetables, fruits, our products and other inclusions. Match the flavours to your preferences.

Vegetables for Smoothies

Carrots, pumpkin and even sweet potatoes are perfect orange vegetables for smoothies since they offer potassium, iron and vitamin A along with other nutrients to the recipes. Also, each one offers a bit of natural sweetness. Examples of green vegetables for smoothies include spinach, kale, cucumber, and Swiss chard. All of these offer such nutrients as iron, vitamin K, calcium and vitamin C. Adding one or more fruits from the following section will sweeten up the green vegetables in the ideal manner for smoothies.

Fruits That Are Ideal for Smoothies

Bananas, cherries, mangoes, plums, avocados, and peaches provide potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C and other antioxidants to your smoothie recipe along with a bit of texture. All types of citrus fruits provide vitamin C, folate and potassium along with their unique flavour to a smoothie.

Other Possible Healthy Inclusions

• Pea protein
• Hemp protein
• Rice protein
• Organic honey
• Coconut water
• Almond milk
• Filtered water
• Your choice KAPAI PUKU® products complements any smoothie recipe

Recipes for Smoothies Using KAPAI PUKU® Products

An ideal way to enjoy any of the above products is in smoothies. We offer you two recipes below on this concept:

• Swiss Chard, Strawberry-Banana Heart Smoothie – This recipe is simple since you just mix in a blender until smooth the following ingredients: two Tablespoons of our Heart Health, two Tablespoons of chopped Swiss chard, one cup of filtered water, a quarter of an avocado chopped, one-fourth cup chopped strawberries and one Tablespoon of pea protein with one banana cut into chunks that has been frozen.

• Plum-Banana Hemp Smoothie – Boost your system with antioxidants and other nutrients with this recipe. Place one chopped banana, one-half cup of chopped plums, one teaspoon of organic wildflower honey, three Tablespoons of Antioxidant Health, thirty grams of hemp protein and one cup of filtered water in a blender and blend to desired consistency.

As you can see from the above recipes, you can use our products with a variety of fruit and vegetable combinations for smoothies. For further information about KAPAI PUKU® products, our company or recipes, browse through our website or contact us directly. We promise quality nutrition with all of our products.

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