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Kapai Puku Skin Health: The Perfect Natural Health Food for Your Skin

October 24th, 2017

Kapai Puku®, the “Seed of Life,” concept and products consist of a highly nutritional mix of high-fibre blend that offers such empowering health-promoting components as antioxidants, fatty acids, protein, magnesium and zinc that will energise your entire body while giving you beautiful, smooth and well-hydrated skin that will glow with radiant, naturally good health. This Tribal Blend of pure, natural ingredients includes Ginseng, Monk Fruit, Wattle Seeds and Raw Cacao.

Nutritionists’ studies and practical use by natural health enthusiasts have shown that Cacao is among the very best, most effective antioxidants available on the consumer natural health products market today. As a natural antioxidant, it helps prevent cell damage in your body and brain from free radicals. Monk Fruit, used as a natural sweetener, strengthens your immune system and digestion. Magnesium is an excellent mineral for a calming, relaxing effect. Cacao also combines with other natural substances to improve moods significantly. As an adaptogen, Siberian Ginseng contains eleuthero-sides, which can stimulate and boost the activity of your immune system. Ginseng enables your body to naturally revitalise itself to a state of radiant health with good balance. It increases your energy levels, helping you to deal with and alleviate stress while guarding your system against exhaustion.

Why the Kapai Puku Skin Health Blend is the Perfect Natural Health Food for Your Skin

All the pure, nutrient-rich ingredients of this outstanding natural brand’s Skin Health Blend have natural properties that improve and enhance the health of your skin tissues. Due to the empowering benefits they provide to your entire body for physical, mental and emotional strength, energy and wellbeing, this unique formula’s nutritional mix promotes specific bodily benefits and health enhancements which also nourish and enrich the quality, tone, colour and beauty of your skin. These healthful benefits and enhancements include the following:

• Healthy Digestive Tract Function.
– With improved functionality of your digestive tract, toxins and any unhealthy bacteria or germs will be eliminated quickly and thoroughly from your body as your entire internal system is cleansed. When you use the Kapai Puku blend for radiant, healthy skin as a snack or in your favorite cereals, yogurt, salads and soups, you will gain greater levels of lasting energy and stamina and better mental alertness and focus as well.

  • Alleviated Water Retention and Bloating. – This enriching blend also increases your metabolic rate, which helps you shred any extra body fat and alleviate any tendencies to retain unneeded water in your system. When water retention is no longer a problem, your body will be sleeker, more agile and will not bloat from stress or sluggishness. With a faster metabolism and improved digestive tract functionality, you will not need to be concerned about any future problems with bloating and weight gain.
  • Better Cardiovascular and Circulatory System Action. – The amino acids and high mineral content of this unique natural blend promote improved cardiovascular activity and stronger action of your circulatory system. Nitric oxide from the amino acid content expands the inner walls of your blood vessels and arteries, enabling more pure, rejuvenating oxygen to reach all your vital organs, muscles and other body tissues through your bloodstream. As your system is fueled by the oxygen and other natural nutrients, your heart’s activity and your circulation continue to be more active, boosting your overall energy and vitality for enhanced skin health.

By consulting the experts at Kapai Puku, you will learn more valuable information about the many advantages and benefits of adding this unique brand’s, natural Skin Health Blend to your diet for ultimate quality, glowing skin. This knowledgeable and helpful team, led by Kapai Puku founder, Graeme Johnstone, “Mr. Kapai Puku,” will reveal all the many benefits of using this brand’s pure, health-enhancing products on a daily basis for ultimate quality radiant health and high energy, endurance and a healthy, positive outlook on life and all it has to offer.


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