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It is Best to Invest in Your Health than Spend Money on Medicines

October 17th, 2017

By choosing to eat pure, all-natural and organic foods and favoring the “farm” over the “pharm,” you can make a beneficial and lasting investment in your health rather than spending money on medicines. Many medications that contain varying amounts of harsh chemicals that may or may not be effective in curing your sore throat or flu symptoms, will undoubtedly banish healthy, naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients from your system. Many people take what are advertised to be fast-acting medications to cure colds, flu or other ailments only to have their symptoms persist. Even after they recover, these people often find themselves suffering from feelings of fatigue and total energy depletion from ingesting these strong, overly harsh prescription drugs that are promoted widely as quick cures.

Invest in Your Health Naturally: Stop Spending Money on Medicines with Harsh Artificial Ingredients

If you have always taken prescribed medicines or over-the-counter products with artificial ingredients to cure all your ills, it may take some time for you to make the complete change to using all-natural or organic substances and pure foods instead. However, once you successfully make this transition and choose “nature’s way,” you will rejoice in your higher energy levels and increasing feelings of general wellbeing. As you learn what naturally occurring substances can do to promote and strengthen higher degrees of good and even radiant health, you may wonder what took you so long to reach this realisation in life. Some natural and organic foods that provide your body with health-promoting and healing properties include the following:

• Monk Fruit. – This fruit can be used in your diet as a healthy sugar substitute and is listed in the category of Mogrosides. It has no caloric content and lends a sweet taste to other foods without the unhealthy effects of sugar. Monk fruit originated in Southern China’s province of Guangxi and has been used over the centuries in Chinese medicine and by natural health practitioners and nutritionists as an organic aid to enhance your immune system, support good digestive activity and strengthen your respiratory system.

• Chufa Tubers. – Also known as Earth Almonds and Tiger Nuts, these natural and organic tubers have high counts of health-enhancing amino acids. Their high content of Arginine, a strong precursor to nitric oxide, initiates vasodilation, or expanding of the inner walls of your blood vessels and arteries. This action increases the flow of pure oxygen and many essential nutrients throughout your system, fueling all your vital organs, muscles and other body tissues. Increasing your circulatory, heart and metabolic rates, Chufa tubers help you perform better exercise, lose extra body fat and enjoy better mental focus.

• Chicory Root.
– As an organic prebiotic, this root nourishes the healthy bacteria in your stomach and intestines after cleansing your entire digestive tract. At the same time, it supplies your system with many important vitamins and minerals for better overall good health.

By discovering the empowering benefits offered by eating KAPAI PUKU®, “The Seed of Life®,” introduced by Mr. Kapai Puku, Graeme Johnstone, you will gain many fine health benefits from embracing this “alternative natural meal replacement” method. To learn about this modern health-promoting diet for a genuinely healthy and happy lifestyle, contact KAPAI PUKU® headquarters in Newport, Victoria today to learn all about this carefully balanced, high-fibre organic and nutrient-rich meal alternative method and products.

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