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Impermanence and Change

July 16th, 2018

Buddhist and Western Meanings of Impermanence and Change in Modern Life 

In Buddhist doctrine and philosophy, impermanence (anicca) is the first of three conditions of existence. The other two conditions are dukkha (pain, suffering and dissatisfaction) and anatta (the non-soul or non-self, or the absence of essence). Buddhism also teaches that every aspect of conditioned existence is transient, temporary and evanescent.

Because human nature tends strongly toward clinging to whatever in our lives seems lasting, stable and safe, we often feel discomfort or fear at the idea or onset of change in many areas of our lives. We may become set in our ways, even avoiding changes that our better instincts tell us are valuable and necessary for making progress in our work, study or home pursuits, relationships with others and lifestyles.

Positive Support to Enable Us to Make Changes in Our Lives 

Sometimes the avoidance of making positive changes in life is due to times of confusion or indecision concerning the best path to take to initiate these changes. However, the lack of action toward making a change take place may be caused by depression or anxiety. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, three million Australians are experiencing symptoms of these conditions today, resulting in the occurrence of approximately eight suicides every day.

By making the terms of ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’ and ‘suicide’ common in everyday communications and conversations, such organisations as Beyond Blue and Lifeline are encouraging Australians to support the mental health and wellbeing of people around them. These important groups are also giving individuals the confidence to reach out for emotional help and guidance when they need it in their own lives. Whether mental and emotional issues are long-term, temporary or recurring, there is valid and effective assistance available to individuals and families.

Psychologists and counselors who take part in these organisations are helping the population confront and deal with prejudice, stigma and discrimination in their daily lives. They are also working to eliminate obstacles that interfere with or prevent people from verbalising unjust situations and problems and asking for help in resolving issues detrimental to the mental and physical health of themselves and others. These and other similar organisations across Australia are striving to alleviate and eventually eliminate discrimination and biased attitudes that may exist in work, school and living environments as well as in online communities, forums and website groups.

Psychology Behind Making Major Changes in Life 

There are several general and important elements and actions relevant to the psychology of instigating major changes in life, including the following:

• Identify the Existing Problem. – The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung is quoted as having said, “We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”¹ Once an individual identifies and accepts a situation, issue, action or mode of thought that is impeding his or her need to initiate a change in life, half the personal battle is won. Identifying the problem and its existence are the first essential steps toward making a change.

• Embrace the Need for Positive Change. – According to the Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, “In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.”² Once a person realizes consciously the deep inner need to make a positive change in his or her life and embraces this need, it is much easier to move ahead toward taking action to accomplish this change.

• Determine the Best Method for Making the Change. – With the help of a psychologist or counselor, an individual who identifies an element in his or her life that requires definite change and accepts this need, the next step of preparing to enact this change will be much easier. It will become simpler to envision and choose the best method for initiating the necessary alteration in lifestyle, daily activity or a situation at work, school, and home or in social settings.

• Respond to Your Inner ‘Call to Action.’ – Once a person makes the decision to move ahead, following a specific method or path for enacting an important change in life, this individual can respond to the personal Call to Action that will initiate the change. As soon as he or she made the decision to make this change, the change was already starting to take place mentally and would soon be realised as an active occurrence.

Positive Elements and Actions for Becoming a More Decisive and Proactive Person

Helpful basic positive elements and actions for enabling an individual to become a more decisive and proactive person in daily life include the following:

• Goal Setting.
– By setting personal goals for making necessary changes in your lifestyle, daily work, school life, social activities or eating habits, it will become much easier to take action to make these important alterations. You will be much better prepared to set a time frame for starting and completing changes in your life. By setting goals and making a decision to accomplish them, you will eliminate feelings of confusion or indecisiveness concerning your chosen course of action.

• Exercise.
– Regular exercise is crucial for making clear-headed, concise decisions. Especially when you need to make an important decision concerning a necessary change involving your daily activities, personal interactions at work or school or your general lifestyle, exercise will help you stay mentally focused and relaxed. Physical activity will also help keep you in good health for making making major decisions more easily whenever you need to do so.

• Affirmations. – Saying and repeating daily affirmations of positive thoughts and actions will be extremely beneficial to acting on your inner decision to make any important change in your life. Known as a founder of the modern Self-Help Movement, Louise Hay is well-known for her many positive affirmations, such as: “Life brings me only good experiences. I am open to new and wonderful changes.” When repeated with positivity and conviction, this affirmation can do wonders to help an indecisive person make a valuable life-enhancing change.

• Positive Mindset. – Maintaining a positive mindset is essential for choosing the ideal methods or paths for achieving your most important life-affecting changes today. Especially due to all the exterior noise and activity around us as we live our daily lives and perform work, school, social or home life activities and requirements, we each need a calm, sure, positive state of mind to organise and regulate our ideas, thoughts and plans of action.

• Healthy Diet.
– By adopting a pure, healthy dietary plan, we can help keep ourselves in good mental, physical and emotional health. In this positive state of being and living, we will be better prepared than ever before for handling problems and initiating major changes in our lives when needed. Kapai Puku offers excellent natural dietary options for achieving and sustaining high levels of good health and vitality.

Help from Professional Organisations and Support Systems for Downward Spiraling

Counseling and group programs offered by such valuable organisations as Beyond Blue and Lifeline are vital for helping individuals achieve and sustain a healthy, positive state of mind. The well-trained professionals who administer and take part in these essential programs offer major benefits to everyone who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, confusion, a sense of self-loss or downward spiraling in their mental or emotional functioning.

These organisations promote specialised approaches and programs to benefit many different types of people including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, gay people, lesbians, LGBTI populations and communities that are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD). Counselors are well prepared to assist all individuals with attaining a positive mindset for making the best decisions for change in various areas of their lives.

Kapai Puku Dietary Plans for Easier Acceptance of Impermanence and Change

The unique, health-promoting dietary ingredients of all our Kapai Puku products are a specialised blend of all-natural rich fibre, raw fruits, roots and other ingredients as well as whole grains such as Chia Seeds, Linseeds and Sesame Seeds.

When you ingest just a single serving each day of these highly nutritional foods, your entire intestinal tract will be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. Your metabolic rate will be significantly increased as these innovative, pure food blends suppress your appetite while enriching your system with ultimate quality nutrients and superfoods.

Your bodily energy levels and your mental capacity for concentration and clear thinking will soar to new heights as you eat these superior, dietary, natural foods blends on a daily schedule. Kapai Puku food products provide one of the highest sources of pure fibre on the consumer market today for significant energy boosts and excellent digestive health. Because these food blends are completely free of GMO, Gluten and Wheat, they are recommended for vegans and for anyone who desires to eat the finest quality of unprocessed foods.

All Kapai Puku foods are pure, natural medicine, “the way Mother Nature intended,” as explained on our KapaiPuku.com website. By eating these delicious, healthy foods regularly, you will enjoy better physical, mental and emotional good health and wellbeing. You will develop a strong, lasting, positive mindset and be well prepared to make any needed changes in your life to enhance all that you do throughout your active lifetime of meaningful achievement.


¹ https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/carl_jung
² http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/X0004FDF2/

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