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How Probiotic Foods and Kapai Puku Can Help with Your Gut Health

November 6th, 2017

Even if you are careful to eat a nutrient-rich, health-enhancing combination of natural and organic foods today, your diet may lack significant amounts of probiotic foods. Unless you have tried the skillfully balanced mixture of Kapai Puku (“The Seed of Life”)®, “—a natural healthy product,” discovered and promoted by Graeme Johnstone, you may not be consuming sufficient amounts of such highly nutritional ingredients as sunflower kernels, buckwheat, sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds as well as monk fruit and chicory root.

All of these ingredients are of utmost importance in your body for healthy digestive tract activity, a strong immune system and general good health. When you realize that approximately 80 percent of your immune system can be found in your digestive tract and that your digestive system is actually the second most extensive part of your neurological system, you understand the great value and vital importance of maintaining good digestive health by including probiotics and expertly formulated natural healthy products in your daily dietary plan.

Where to Find Probiotic Foods and Kapai Puku—Major Gut Health Enhancers

You can locate health-promoting probiotic foods and Kapai Puku in the following sources:

• Fermented Foods.
– Foods that are fermented have undergone lactofermentation, during which naturally occurring bacteria consume the foods’ sugar and starch content, forming lactic acid. Through this process, the food is preserved while the B vitamins, healthy enzymes, Omega-3 fatty acids and multiple strains of probiotics are created.

• Yogurt and Natto.
– Cultured yogurt or Greek yogurt made from goat or sheep milk is the best known source of probiotics today. You should use only finest quality yogurt that is made from the milk of grass-grazing animals, is organic and is not pasteurized. The fermented soybean food, or natto, has high counts of the empowering probiotic, bacillus subtilis, a valuable immune system booster and cardiovascular system supporter. Natto’s ingredients also include nattokinase, a strong-acting anti-inflammatory enzyme, which has been proven capable of battling cancer cells in the body.

• Kapai Puku. – This brand’s product, “No. 1 Gut Health,” can be ordered by visiting the company website, kapaipuku.com, where you can place your order quickly and easily for this outstanding, nutrient-enriching formula. Although you can buy the pure, all-organic ingredients of this innovative, nutritious healthy product from many natural and organic health foods stores and online marketplaces, this unique concept and formula from”The Seed of Life” natural and organic foods company awaits you on the customer-friendly Kapai Puku site.

By consulting the organic food and nutrition experts at Kapai Puku, you will receive the ultimate in valuable advice and guidance toward attaining better digestive health, a stronger immune system and overall wellbeing through regular use of empowering, health-enhancing probiotics and the Kapai Puku food products and lifestyle.

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