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High Fibre Breakfast: Is It Really Essential to Start Your Day?

February 28th, 2018

When you start your day with a breakfast rich in natural fibre content, you are supplying your system with significant boosts in energy, stamina, mental focus and alertness. Your metabolic rates will increase, making it much easier and faster to lose weight for a slimmer, sleeker physique. You will have regular, daily bowel movements, and if you have experienced excess water retention and bloating in the past, the fibre will help eliminate any unhealthy water accumulations in your body.

Your skin will be smoother and clearer, and your hair and nails will become stronger and more resilient. Any general food cravings that have plagued you previously will be greatly reduced, and you will lose the desire for sweets and all foods that contain extra sugar. All the major systems of your body such as your cardiovascular, circulatory and digestive systems will function more smoothly and efficiently, for better overall good health.

High Fibre Breakfast Foods That Supply Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Start to Your Day

Health-enhancing and highly appealing breakfast foods from Kapai Puku® (“The Seed of Life”®) that contain nutrient-rich, essential organic and vegan ingredients that will ensure a healthy start to your day include the following enticing brand recipes:

Banana and Kale Heart Smoothie. – This flavorful, fruit and veggie smoothie is abundant with health-promoting nutrients to energize and empower your system for an eventful, healthy and fulfilling day. With pure, organic ingredients like fresh kale, a whole banana, pea protein, avocado, chufa tubers and coconut or coconut water along with a couple of heaping tablespoons of the popular Kapai Puku Heart Health mixture, you will feel fit and rejuvenated as you gain a slimmer, better defined physique.

Since the Kapai Puku Heart Health product contains such vitalizing components as diced banana, organic figs, mango and monk fruit, this energizing brand mix also fortifies your body with potassium and magnesium plus Vitamins C and B6 as well as essential fatty acids and nitric oxide for even more energizing and body strengthening effects. This fibre-packed breakfast will support you throughout your busiest daily schedules, leaving you with plenty of energy to spare at the end of each long, eventful day to sustain you even during late evening activities.

Vegetable Frittata. – This delicious and delightful recipe including eggs, vegetables and fruits is power-packed with purest natural nutrients plus the Kapai Puku Liver Health product. Ingredients include organic sweet potato, kale, onion, mushrooms, tomato, freshly grown herbs and red capsicum. The Liver Health mixture from the Kapai Puku brand combines such enriching, nutritional components as buckwheat, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, linseed and chia seeds plus dandelion root, chelated magnesium and zinc.

With plentiful levels of empowering protein, fibre and myriad nutrients, this high-fashion, organic frittata will keep your digestive and cardiovascular systems running at healthful, full-speed-ahead rates while improving your blood circulation and metabolic rates. You will experience lasting improvements in vitality, endurance and mental acuity to withstand the most hectic of daily or nightly schedules. This outstanding group of pure vegan ingredients will also detoxify and cleanse your entire system, boosting all your physical and mental activity.

When you choose the pure, organic, alternative dietary intake of Kapai Puku products to improve your health and enhance every aspect of your lifestyle, you will enjoy and benefit from a daily diet packed with myriad highly nutritional ingredients. For more intriguing and valuable information about this outstanding brand and its pure, empowering products, contact the natural nutrition experts at Kapai Puku today.

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