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Health Benefits of Chicory Root

November 9th, 2017

Natural chicory root is from a perennial herb plant related to the dandelion plant that often has bright blue flowers. The leaves of some types of this herbal plant are used as salad greens, commonly called chicons or endive. However, the roots are ground and used in baking some dishes, although the most common use of ground chicory root is as a coffee substitute. Cichorium intybus var. sativum, or chicory root, has long been grown in Europe for popular use as an alternative drink for coffee, and this plant grows naturally throughout the Mediterranean region. It has remained a favored hot drink for many years due to its rich, vibrant flavor and full-bodied texture.

Health Benefits of Chicory Root as a Coffee Substitute and Valued Food Substance

Varied and valuable health benefits of the chicory root include the following benefits of its use:

• Important Fibre Source. – Chicory root contains a soluble fibre, inulin, which can pass through your digestive tract unaltered. For this reason, it acts as an appetite suppressant while contributing to the development of healthy bacteria in the gut as a prebiotic agent. It should be noted that a prebiotic substance in different from a probiotic, which is digestible bacteria taken orally for good digestive action and healthy bacterial growth in the digestive tract. Chicory root is an excellent source of such prebiotics, along with leeks, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes. Some grains also contain these types of prebiotic substances.  Many natural and organic energy bars sold in health food stores that contain high fibre counts and are gluten-free also contain inulin or chicory root extract.

• Chicory Coffee. – In order to make chicory coffee as a healthy, invigorating hot drink and “real coffee substitute” or alternative drink, boil a cup of water and add two tablespoons of minced, toasted chicory root to the water. Then cover the mixture and allow it to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. You can double, triple or increase the amount of this potent drink as needed or desired. Many first-time users of chicory coffee are delighted at its rich, robust flavor and impressed with its healthy properties and pure, natural origins. It is not at all difficult for many regular coffee consumers to change their favorite hot, stimulating drink to healthy, caffeine-free chicory coffee. It is truly a healthful way to start each day without worries of ingesting unhealthy ingredients.

Chicory root is well-known among users of the Kapai Puku organic health products as a pure source of energy, vitality and good health as an alternative food substance for use in many food recipes, and especially as a healthful coffee sustitute.

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