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Diabetes and How KAPAI PUKU® Products Can Help You

February 16th, 2017

People who suffer with diabetes, or diabetics, need to balance their food intake carefully throughout each day to ensure that their blood sugar levels do not spike to unsafe high levels or dip to unhealthy low levels. For this reason, diabetics should pay close attention to eating a balanced diet that conforms to their specific nutritional needs while it keeps their blood sugar at the ideal level to prevent issues. Luckily, if you suffer from this health issue, you can add KAPAI PUKU® products to your daily diet safely to guarantee that you consume sufficient nutrients since we offer ones that are suitable for diabetics. Stay with us to learn additional facts.

A Brief Description of Diabetes

Diabetes comes about when a person’s blood sugar or blood glucose levels are too high on an ongoing basis. When you consume food, the body transforms these foods into glucose. The pancreas in the body produces insulin, which is a hormone that helps the cells absorb the glucose for the purpose of energising the body. When diabetes occurs, the body malfunctions in its production or use of insulin depending upon the type of diabetes you suffer with each day. With diabetes type 1 the body fails to produce insulin, whereas, with diabetes type 2, the body does not produce sufficient insulin or uses what it makes in an ineffective manner. Ways to control diabetes include monitoring blood glucose levels each day, medication, weight control, exercise and adhering to a proper daily eating plan.

How KAPAI PUKU® Products Help Diabetics

KAPAI PUKU® products can help diabetics increase their energy levels, regulate the bowel movements, lessen the risk of bloating, lose excess weight, grow healthy nails and hair, clear up their skin and reduce sugar cravings in a safe manner for their medical condition. One example of KAPAI PUKU® products that will help you control your diabetes is the KAPAI PUKU® Liver Health one. It is based on the previous Naked Blend, and it is sugar-free, contains essential fatty acids and is fibre rich with such ingredients as:

• Buckwheat
• Linseed
• Sunflower Kernels
• Sesame Seeds
• Chia Seeds
• Pumpkin Seeds

For further facts about KAPAI PUKU® products, feel free to browse our website or contact us for additional information. We offer you high-quality nutritional products to fortify your body in a tasty manner. Add our products to your daily meals and snacks in a variety of ways. Our company even provides you with recipe suggestions.

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