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Common Causes of Fatty Liver and How Kapai Puku Products Can Help You

April 26th, 2017

If your diet is high in carbohydrates and lipids (fats), you are at risk for developing a health problem known as fatty liver. Because your liver does not have the capacity to identify carbs that turn to sugar in the bloodstream, only the resulting increase in your body’s insulin levels will initiate the conversion of excess sugar into fat in your liver. When your fat counts are too high, fat collects and remains in your liver, leading to fatty liver. You may also develop a fatty liver if you have other chronic health conditions such as Diabetes (Type 2), hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), hypopituitarism (underactive pituitary gland), sleep apnea, persistently high triglycerides, high cholesterol or obesity.

How to Determine Whether or Not You Have a Fatty Liver Problem

Many times, patients who visit physicians or holistic health practitioners with complaints of recurring pain or sensitivity near the liver are found to have an enlarged liver or stretched areas in the outer liver covering caused by excess fat accumulations and resulting inflammation of tissues. This pain is a steady aching feeling that is not constant, but comes and goes on a regular basis. An accurate diagnosis of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease involves a blood test, MRI or other imaging, or a liver biopsy, since people who are excessive drinkers or alcoholics also often develop this health problem. Other common symptoms of fatty liver include bodily itching, swollen feet and legs, nausea and abdominal pains, a jaundiced complexion, unexplained weight loss or chronic fatigue.

How Kapai Puku Products Can Help Reverse Fatty Liver

Ingredients, properties and effects of Kapai Puku that make it a powerful, pure and healthy natural treatment for fatty liver include the following:

• Ingredients of zinc, magnesium and dandelion root boost your liver’s ability to detoxify your body while processing fats and carbohydrates normally.

• High fibre and dandelion content in the organic Kapai Puku formula supports healthy exfoliation and thorough cleansing of your entire digestive tract plus regular elimination of harmful wastes. At the same time, it empowers your liver and your entire system with all the essential vitamins and minerals. This helps prevent bloating, weight gain, constipation, chronic bowel disorders and toxicity in all areas of your body.

• Due to the high count of essential fatty acids and minerals in the Kapai Puku formula, your entire body’s natural functioning and overall good health are consistently supported and enhanced.

The liver is the second largest bodily organ and its high functionality is essential for smooth, healthy operation of your entire body. For this reason, health experts in Australia recommend the consumption of from 20 to 25 grams of pure fibre each day for maintaining good health. By adhering to this daily dosage of Kapai Puku, you will ensure a healthy intake of natural fibre and of the other included organic substances that purify, energize and empower the operation of your liver along with the other vital organs and tissues of your body.

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