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Make Kapai Puku a Part of Your Weight Loss Journey without Starvation and Crash Diet

December 11th, 2017

The excellent balances provided by the dietary concept, food substances and daily intake of Kapai Puku product ingredients will enable you to achieve your weight loss journey goals rapidly and effectively. In addition, when you decide on use of the Kapai Puku, or “Seed of Life” dietary plan, you will never suffer from food cravings […]

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Spirulina Benefits for Liver Health

December 4th, 2017

As a modern-day super-food, spirulina offers numerous health-promoting properties, some of which are now considered helpful in alleviating or preventing the onset of liver disease. Toxins and other impurities in the environment as well as in our daily diets can cause further damage to a weakened liver and, in some cases, may speed up the […]

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Health Benefits of Chicory Root

November 9th, 2017

Natural chicory root is from a perennial herb plant related to the dandelion plant that often has bright blue flowers. The leaves of some types of this herbal plant are used as salad greens, commonly called chicons or endive. However, the roots are ground and used in baking some dishes, although the most common use […]

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How Probiotic Foods and Kapai Puku Can Help with Your Gut Health

November 6th, 2017

Even if you are careful to eat a nutrient-rich, health-enhancing combination of natural and organic foods today, your diet may lack significant amounts of probiotic foods. Unless you have tried the skillfully balanced mixture of Kapai Puku (“The Seed of Life”)®, “—a natural healthy product,” discovered and promoted by Graeme Johnstone, you may not be […]

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Kapai Puku Skin Health: The Perfect Natural Health Food for Your Skin

October 24th, 2017

Kapai Puku®, the “Seed of Life,” concept and products consist of a highly nutritional mix of high-fibre blend that offers such empowering health-promoting components as antioxidants, fatty acids, protein, magnesium and zinc that will energise your entire body while giving you beautiful, smooth and well-hydrated skin that will glow with radiant, naturally good health. This […]

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It is Best to Invest in Your Health than Spend Money on Medicines

October 17th, 2017

By choosing to eat pure, all-natural and organic foods and favoring the “farm” over the “pharm,” you can make a beneficial and lasting investment in your health rather than spending money on medicines. Many medications that contain varying amounts of harsh chemicals that may or may not be effective in curing your sore throat or […]

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What Happens To Your Body When You Are Constipated? How KAPAI PUKU® Can Help You

September 27th, 2017

Constipation is when bowel movements contain stools that are difficult to pass or are infrequent. Children and adults can suffer from this problem. While causes for this condition can differ between individuals, a change in diet often solves the issue. This is where KAPAI PUKU® is beneficial to help provide helpful, healthy foods that support […]

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Essential Benefits of Millet Seeds Found in KAPAI PUKU® Stomach Health

September 14th, 2017

Millet seeds are tiny, round seeds, and they originate from seed grasses that are grown in various countries around the world and can range in colour from white to red. You may be aware of how birds love to eat them for nutrition, but you should realise that these seeds that are in KAPAI PUKU® […]

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Make Your Smoothies Healthy and Tasty With KAPAI PUKU®

August 31st, 2017

KAPAI PUKU® products are full of healthy seeds, fruits and other ingredients and can be eaten straight from the bag. You also can use the products in various recipes to bolster their nutritional value, including smoothies. While you may feel that smoothies are full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients, you are mistaken since there are […]

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Banana Benefits: Why Do We Need Potassium in Our Diet?

August 14th, 2017

Bananas are fruits with firm, creamy flesh that is inside a yellow peeling that people remove to access the tasty flesh. Since they grow in tropical climates in various parts of the world, these fruits are available all throughout the year. Also, bananas grow in large clusters that are made up of numerous groups of […]

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