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About Kapai Puku


With around 8 metres of intestinal tract in our bodies, which in perspective is the equivalent length of a bus, it is vital to eat an easily absorbed, fibre rich diet, in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.

KAPAI PUKU® is an amazing blend of high fibre, raw ingredients and wholegrains including Chia Seeds, Linseeds, and Sesame Seeds which can be eaten in a variety of different and tasty ways. Consuming just one serve per day of KAPAI PUKU® will exfoliate and cleanse the intestinal tract, increase metabolic rate and act as an appetite suppressant.

KAPAI PUKU® is one of the highest fibre energy sources on the market today, made up of 100% natural ingredients with no added salt, dairy, nuts or preservatives, KAPAI PUKU® products provide an easy and delicious solution for daily optimum health and regularity. All products in the range are also GM, Gluten and Wheat free and are suitable for vegans. It’s simple, unprocessed food – medicine, the way Mother Nature intended.

KAPAI PUKU® can be enjoyed in many different ways, here’s just a few;

  • Cereal – simply add milk, yogurt or fruit juice
  • Porridge – used like oats, heat and serve with honey and soy milk
  • Sprinkle – add to salads and tempting savoury dishes such as rice or cous cous
  • Baked – include in muffins, crumbles, cookies and desserts
  • Cooked – used in stir fries, omelettes and many other quick and easy recipes

Check Out our Recipes Page for some delicious ideas


450g Gift Pack

Includes a 450g packet of each Heart Health, Stomach Health, Liver Health and Antioxidant Health.

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Kapai Puku
“No. 1 Hair Health”

Heart Health has evolved from our original Kapai Puku Tropical Blend.  It is enriched with all the goodness and flavour that your taste buds will love, and your heart and digestive system will too

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Kapai Puku
“No. 1 Skin Health”

Kapai Puku Antioxidant Health takes our powerful, delicious tasting Tribal Blend to a new level! It’s a nutrient-dense high-fibre blend, containing essential fatty acids, protein, zinc, and magnesium, enhanced…

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Kapai Puku
“No. 1 Gut Health”

Stomach Health has evolved from our Kapai Puku Original Blend.  It continues to have that wonderful raw ingredient taste of the Kapai Puku blends, but adds a hint of natural sweet

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Kapai Puku
“No. 1 Liver Health”

Liver Health is for those who want the raw pure Kapai Puku taste with no added fruit or sweetness.  Based on our original Naked Blend, it is high in fibre and enhanced…

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KAPAI PUKU® is perfect for:



Detox and General Wellbeing

Low GI

Brainfood for Children (and Adults)

Weight Loss


Available in all good health food stores and gourmet providers nationally. All packs are available in 450g, 1kg, 2kg and 3kg (online exclusive) vacuum packs. Taki Bars are currently available in Original Blend and Tribal Blend.

Recipes are available on our Website, Facebook & Instagram pages @KapaiPuku

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